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Property for sale Nelspruit

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Property for Sale in Nelspruit

The idea of lifestyle living has redefined the South African property market in recent years. Property for sale in Lifestyle Estates, especially Mbombela (Nelspruit), has been on the rise at the same time. A concept that has numerous applications, it appeals to those who want the very best of life. This is because it arouses an emotional desire for true quality and a yearning to live a life of choice.

While not unlike lifestyle living in other countries, the concept has a special appeal within the African context, with South Africa offering a combination of raw scenic beauty, African adventure, an extraordinarily rich cultural heritage, and world-class facilities and living standards. Gone are the images of lions roaming the streets of Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. Instead the famous Big Five live in well managed game parks while the streets of South Africa’s top cities offer shops and restaurants that promise First World luxuries and treats at affordable prices – especially for those who visit from foreign lands.

So it is not surprising that lifestyle living is a concept that appeals to both foreigners and locals alike.

Nestled just outside Nelspruit, on the way to White River, is the Elawini Lifestyle Estate offering various luxury properties for sale. Bordering the Nelsriver, most of the stands, as well as properties for sale, have a tranquil river view which is very unique in many ways.

Anyone looking for property opportunities within Elawini Lifestyle Estate will find that our property agents enthusiastically espouse the concept of lifestyle living. The beauty of the lifestyle living theory is that it can be adapted to meet almost every discernible desire. That is undoubtedly why the term is often used to promote property values and desirability. As such, Elawini Lifestyle Estate has defined its own place in a very competitive industry. And to many, it is absolutely irresistible.

Properties for sale in Elawini Lifestyle Estate will provide an exclusive home environment where you are secure and have easy access to the amenities you value. Thousands of gated communities in towns and cities across South Africa meet this basic definition. However quality lifestyle living means a whole lot more than living in an upmarket housing estate densely packed with identical-looking mansions and triple garages.

Elawini Lifestyle Estate is one of the best lifestyle estates in the area, if not the best! Feel free to contact us now to discuss your needs as well as to arrange an appointment where we can show you what properties we have for sale in Elawini Lifestyle Estates, Nelspruit.

Property Rentals Elawini Lifestyle Estate

Should you have a need for any rental property within Elawini Lifestyle Estate, please feel free to send us your details by completing the form below and please specify your requirements in the requirement box. One of our agents will get in contact with you.
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    About the developers

    Atterbury is the developer of the Elawini Lifestyle Estate

    • atterbury-logoAtterbury was established in 1994
    • The Atterbury Trust was launched in 1998 to support previously disadvantaged communities and advance culture on behalf of Atterbury Property Holdings
    • In 2002 Attfund was formed, which was sold to Hyprop in 2011
    • In 2005 Attacq was formed
    • In 2008 Atterbury acquired 1.75 million m² of commercial development rights at Waterfall, Midrand, from the Islamic Institute
    • AttAfrica was formed in 2012 – a fund which develops and owns various shopping centres across Africa
    • Attacq Limited was listed on the main board of the JSE in October 2013
    • Atterbury Europe launched from Austria in 2014
    • A record number of eight shopping centres were completed in 2014 alone, with a total of 20 opened to date
    • More than 1.5 million m² of commercial, retail and residential properties have been developed by Atterbury to date
    • Atterbury Asset Management (AAM) currently manages around 775 000m² GLA in South Africa, Mauritius, Ghana, Namibia and more recently Europe
    • RMBH acquires shareholding in Atterbury Property Holdings

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