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March 15, 2017

10 Very good reasons to consider a Lifestyle estate

With security being top of mind for many South Africans, living in a gated community has become more than just a trend. However, as an increasing number of people are realising, there are actually a number of advantages to residing in a Lifestyle Estate.

Here are 10 of our favourites:

  1. Security

The most obvious reason to choose to live within a gated community is, well, the gate – along with all the other security aspects that make it a safer place to live. Fences, cameras, security guards and booms all act as powerful deterrents, making gated communities far less attractive to the criminal element.

  1. The social aspect

Lifestyle estates offer residents a greater sense of community than what they might experience elsewhere. More time spent outdoors, communal facilities and social events, along with a collective approach to addressing mutual concerns, generally encourage homeowners and residents to communicate and interact on a more regular basis.

  1. Road Safety

The enforcement of slow driving speeds, through the use of road signs, “speed bumps” and cameras, make for safer roads for the whole family – as well as for any wildlife in the area. Even drivers who are not naturally cautious tend to more careful when they know that their behaviour is monitored and that they can be easily identified.

  1. Happier, healthier kids

Children living in a safe environment are more likely to spend time outdoors – exploring, playing and exercising. They are also more likely to meet other kids who live nearby, rather than having their social interactions limited to school friends, family and the children of their parents’ friends. This allows them to gain confidence in developing precious new friendships, whilst learning many valuable social skills.

  1. Estate Management

Residents living outside of a gated community are sometimes faced with endless frustrations when dealing with municipal and other government departments over matters that affect their quality of life (e.g. noise complaints, building violations, dangerous intersections, dumping, dangerous dogs in the street, inadequate services, etc). However, the relative independence of the Lifestyle Estate means that residents have a single point of contact, as appointed by the Home Owners’ Association (HOA). This allows for streamlined communication, quicker response times and, generally, a far better management of issues and concerns.

  1. Collective input

Where there are important matters that concern the community as a whole, these are handled within the forum of Annual General Meetings (AGM’s) and special AGM’s. Here, every homeowner has a vote, thereby empowering the community to have a direct influence over infrastructural and social matters that concern them.

  1. Peace and Tranquillity

Your home should be a haven. In many settings, a lack of safety (whether real or perceived) is a constant source of anxiety and stress. This applies to people of all ages, from young children to retirees. Living in a secure estate immediately reduces that stress, allowing residents to relax, unwind and enjoy their homes.

Of course, one cannot have peace without quiet… Unlike other urban environments, roads within Lifestyle Estates do not form a thoroughfare for non-residents.   This greatly reduces activity and noise around the home, with no taxi’s, buses, blaring car radios, rowdy pedestrians or other loud noises to disturb your sense of peace.

  1. Privacy

As many parents will attest, there’s nothing worse than having your baby’s nap interrupted by unexpected visitors, deliveries or solicitors at the door. In fact, nobody likes to be disturbed during their downtime. Controlled access can help prevent this from happening, protecting your privacy – and preserving your sanity!

  1. Green spaces

Lifestyle Estates are known for creating beautiful, natural spaces that combine aesthetic appeal with the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of nature within your own environment.

  1. Communal facilities

Many lifestyle estates offer the convenience of communal facilities. At Elawini Lifestyle Estate, residents have access to a fully equipped gym and a 25m swimming pool. One can also enjoy a game of squash or tennis, while kids enjoy the playground facilities. As an added bonus, a 4km mountain biking trail has been created within the Estate, and can also be used for trail running and walking – all within the safety of the Estate.`

Adding quality to life

Upon visiting Elawini Lifestyle Estate, you are most likely to find many other aspects that appeal to your specific interests. This is because the Estate has been created to enhance the quality of life of every resident – through safety, beauty, facilities and convenience. We will continue to develop the Estate accordingly.

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